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''I Remember Mama'' - Madame Zodiak

Published 1950

An episode of the "live TV" dramedy "Mama" (which is often referred "I Remember Mama") from 1950. What amazes me is that, we are in the 2010s, with this 1950s show, set in the 1910s! It's like going back in time twice!! In this episode, Aunt Jenny is told by a fortune teller that she'll soon get great wealth. With original commercials (please forgive dodgy tape-transfer, and slight cut-off at end).

Run time 29 minutes 24 seconds
Production Company Columbia Broadcasting System
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: ERD. - - March 6, 2012
Subject: Still charming!
Such a sweet little program. Simple- but still enjoyable after all these years. Peggy Wood was a wonderful actress!